you are a stunning miracle

When you look at the math, your life on this gorgeous planet is improbable, at best. Your every breath is a miracle worthy of wonder, celebration and joy. Breathe in the awe-inspiring beauty of you. Explore the most elegant and complex word problem ever.

Embody wonder










Ironically, help is always there for us. Waiting to support us on our next great adventure in life. 



With Love, Laughter and Gratitude,




Anita Brey is an artist and entrepreneur dedicated to cultivating and empowering awareness. Inspired by her 15+ years of experience as an intuitive healer and meditator, she founded Embody Your Destiny in 2014 to help others deeply connect with their Inner Self. She offers signature courses and coaching intensives, as well as a set of oracle cards that feature artwork from her meditative painting series. In her free time she sings, paints and dreams of soaking in the luxurious natural hot springs of Northern California. And talks about creativity at Artist & Musician PlayHouse, along with her husband and musician Johnny Mitchell.