$99 per month

Empowerment Meditation is a weekly group energy session. We release one "thing" each session and fill up with a fresh impulse.

As an example, one week we released the "fear of abundance" and filled up with the "vibration of natural abundance".

Work is done remotely, while you sleep Sunday nights.

Each Monday morning, you will get a short email on the theme that emerged in the group session along with self-care tips.

$9 a month

It's like a daily horoscope from Mary Magdalene in the form of a Jackson Pollock painting.

Each morning, you'll receive an email with an Embody Your Destiny card for your day.

Use the word on the card to set a positive intention and see how it shows up throughout the next 24 hours.

$299 per session

Bespoke energy clearings designed specifically for you.

We take into consideration where you are at in your journey right now and help you access your own rocket-fuel to accelerate your progress.

This is a major upgrade for your personal energy system.

Naturally, this shift for you, will elevate and uplift those around you.

Perfect for when you are craving more clarity or insight, feel depleted or overwhelmed, or simply want to support yourself with spiritual self-care.