Soul Sessions: A Bespoke Energy Clearing for You


Soul Sessions: A Bespoke Energy Clearing for You


Bespoke energy clearings designed specifically for you.

We take into consideration where you are at in your journey right now and help you access your own rocket-fuel to accelerate your progress.

This is a major upgrade for your personal energy system.

Naturally, this shift for you, will elevate and uplift those around you.

Perfect for when you are craving more clarity or insight, feel depleted or overwhelmed, or simply want to support yourself with spiritual self-care.

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We do the work remotely while you sleep, and send you a recording of the clearing.

While the energy work takes about an hour, we summarize with a recorded reading of the healing afterwards.

If you have specific questions, we’ll address them in the recording for you.

Recordings also include personalized practices and next steps that will provide continued support.