Card-of-the-Day ~ "My Daily Intention" Oracle


Card-of-the-Day ~ "My Daily Intention" Oracle

9.99 every month

Start each day with an uplifting and positive Intention Card.

It's like a daily horoscope from Mary Magdalene in the form of a Jackson Pollock painting.

Each morning, you'll receive an email with an Embody Your Destiny card for your day.

Use the word on the card to set a positive intention and see how it shows up throughout the next 24 hours.

Use the card description as your mode or lens for the day, instead of your default way of being.

Shake it up, flex your emotional intelligence muscles and cultivate your self-awareness.

Choose Your Focus, Change Your Life.

What we focus on, amplifies.

It’s not magic. It's science.

Sign up now, and get your first card-of-the-day tomorrow.

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