Embody a new vibe on Mondays and start your week on a high note.

Once a week, receive an empowerment meditation session and start your week fully charged and crystal clear.

Embodiment Meditation is a weekly energy work session.

Work is done remotely, while you sleep Sunday nights.

We release one "thing" each session and fill up with a fresh impulse.

As an example, one week we released the "fear of abundance" and filled up with the "vibration of natural abundance".

We'll share insights about what is shifting for you as well as a vibration to rest on during the upcoming week.  

So you wake up, aligned, uplifted, ready to rock your week.

Details of our session together available in your inbox early Monday AM.

Are you ready for Soulful Self-Care?

$99 a month.

Four sessions a month, with an email each Monday to help you deepen your experience.