During an artist retreat in 2014, I brought my experience working with energy, sometimes called chi, into my art studio. I incorporated that way of being - expansive focus, sacred materials and ritual containers, into my painting practice.

The result was a series called Embody Your Destiny and a dynamic new approach to my art-making practice; meditative painting. From that set of 63 paintings, I created a deck of Intention Cards infused with good vibes from my meditation practice.

A couple of years later, a dear friend asked me to send her a card for her day. It helped her shift her focus from negative to positive just a enough to make a difference. And it changed everything, for both of us.

I started sending a card-for-the-day to our other friends...

I was heading to work and feeling a major draw to my warm bed but your “inspired” note helped me get in the shower and face the day!

and then to my new friends on the internet…

I can’t tell you how much I love getting your cards in my inbox. It’s an outright magical experience every time. They’re so spot on. Thanks again for the synchronicities!