During an artist retreat in 2014, I brought my experience working with energy, sometimes called chi, into my art studio. I incorporated that way of being - expansive focus, sacred materials and ritual containers, into my painting practice.

The result was a series of paintings called Embody Your Destiny and a dynamic new approach to my art-making practice; meditative painting. From that set of 63 paintings, I created a deck of Intention Cards infused with good vibes from my meditation practice.

Later, a dear friend asked me to send her a card for her day. It helped her shift her focus from negative to positive just a enough to make a difference. And it changed everything, for both of us.

I started sending a card-for-the-day to our other friends...

I was heading to work and feeling a major draw to my warm bed but your “inspired” note helped me get in the shower and face the day!

and then to new friends…

I can’t tell you how much I love getting your cards in my inbox. It’s an outright magical experience every time. They’re so spot on. Thanks again for the synchronicities!


Bright colors and loose brush strokes represent the unseen, yet felt and known. One inspired word printed below in a classic typewriter font; certain, clear, in black and white.

Use the clarity of your intention to consciously navigate through your day, instead of a never ending to-do list. Your shift in focus will create space for ease and delight, while you effortlessly get stuff done!