Awareness is Power.

Empower yourself and build your metaphysical muscles!

Start today with a 3-day awareness boost.

Each day, you'll receive a new practice delivered straight to your in-box. It will include a short audio along with written instructions.

As soon as you sign-up, you start.

Today is Day 1. 

[and don't worry, it's free!]

What: One practice a day, for 3 days. Why: Awareness is Power.

Over the course of 3 days, these exercises will jump start your energetic juices! 

The practices you will receive are simple, yet powerful building blocks of awareness. They can be done in under 10 minutes a day and don't require any special equipment or dietary changes. You do not have to live in at a zen retreat center or a shamanic cave for this to work. These practices are designed to cultivate awareness and build energetic momentum. Ultimately, through these practices, you will connect more directly with your spiritually delicious depths. You'll  experience that connection directly and amplify it during everyday activities

Here's a sneak peek at what we'll practice: 


Day 1: find your center 

It's hard to get something done, when we we're scattered all over the place or everyone is up in our business. Day 1 we start with a Five Step Self-Check In - which is like FourSquare for your soul. Spirit checking into Body. Check!


Day 2:  connect with yourself 

Do you remember that love you felt for yourself as a kid? Innocent, grounded, complete. Day 2 we'll reconnect with ourselves in a deeper way, and ultimately learn how to deeply connect with others.



Day 3: get in the flow 

Ever feel overwhelmed? Like you are just slogging through what you gotta do, cause you gotta do it? Day 3 we're going to create space to breathe, reconnect with your magic and find your flow. 



How does the 3-day awareness boost work?

Super simple. Sign up via email, then everyday - starting the day you sign up - you'll receive an awareness boost for the day. It's a practice that will take less than 10 minutes a day and does not require fancy equipment.

All you gotta do is show up. What are you waiting for, silly? Start today. 






Anita Brey (pronounced : br - EYE) is an artist, energy worker and meditation teacher dedicated to cultivating and empowering awareness. Using her 15+ years of experience as an intuitive healer, her energetic healings provide an easy way to engage sublime self-care. She is co-founder of Artist & Musician PlayHouse, along with her husband and musician Johnny Mitchell. In her free time she sings, paints and dreams of soaking in the luxurious natural hot springs of Northern California.