Hi, my name is Anita Brey, founder of Embody Your Destiny. I’m an artist, intuitive healer and energy worker. I hesitate calling myself an energy worker because I’m afraid people will get the wrong idea. Like I’m crazy enough to work with electrical power lines!


The energy work that I do is on the power lines that most of us try so very hard not to acknowledge.


These connections between us, the connection between all living things, that creates a beautiful web of light. Some of that light manifests like you. Some of it manifests like me. Some of it manifests into the sublime and adorable form of my 20-year old cat, Kitty.


The truth is, we are all energy workers. It’s just part of being human. Obviously, there are various degrees of awareness in how we work our innate magic.

My passion for exploring awareness and connection began at an early age. Honestly, I can’t remember how or why I started reading A Course in Miracles. It was an odd selection for a 12 year old girl in suburban Minnesota. One of my favorite childhood memories is lying on the floor of my bedroom in the summer and going through the Course. Looking back, I was oddly methodical and disciplined about it. I read a section each day and wouldn’t skip ahead in spite of a hungry curiosity. I experienced something special though I didn’t have words for it yet.


That summer, there was one moment that really made an impression on me, like an energetic bookmark. It was while reading a section about how we “create our own reality.” I remember feeling a deep resonance with that as a form of Truth. I didn’t even know what that meant at the time. Yet, it totally made sense to me. It was practically obvious.


My curiosity was piqued and I wanted to know more...

o   How do I create my own reality?

o   What is my “reality” anyways?

o   Can I see energy? How?


Later in life, I dove into the nitty-gritty:

o    How do I overcome my self-destructive patterns?

o   How do I connect with people in a way that is healthy?

o   How do I speak my Truth without being a jerk?


And more recently, I’ve wondered;

o   How long can I stay in the flow?

o   How much can I give?

o   How deeply can I connect with the moment?

o   How much can I share?

o   How much can I shine?


In my journey to experience spirituality as “real” and “tangible,” I experimented. I was on a quest to experience the energetic “Vision” I read about without taking psychotropic drugs or working with a shaman in a “remote location” (dirt cave.)


After years of studying on my own, I found an experiential school in Berkeley where I practiced energetic awareness, intuitive healing and meditation. I began to see auras, read chakras, heal past lives, clear karma(!) and have a ton of fun doing it. I was a kid in a candy store!


I was finally experiencing all of the things I had been reading about for years. Things that were once theory, concepts and ideas were now part of my daily experience. I had real tools that I could use everyday. It was a very transformative time for me.


I formally studied for eight years. I was living my dream: experiencing energy as REAL and TANGIBLE.

With all the cushy comforts of the modern world; Starbucks, a day-job with a 401K and a community of fellow students.

During these years of training, I also managed to pay off my student loans

and establish a rocking career in the video game industry. So 21st century!





I am so incredibly grateful for the deep transformative changes this work makes possible in my life.

This path has awakened me again to what was so simple and obvious when I was twelve years old:

you create your own reality.



I won't lie, the life I have now feels pretty miraculous.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still human. I still get frustrated, angry, disappointed, SAD!


But before my training, I wouldn’t have imagined that life could be this good. I felt stuck in my emotional charges and unable to move through the patterns I was living out - even if those patterns weren’t mine!


Most of our patterns are unconsciously inherited from our families and society. Those patterns create our reality. 

It takes action and attention to step into living in your truth, essentially free of others patterns, to live in your flow and be free.



To make that transition from feeling stuck to feeling free, I used the meditative tools that were part of my spiritual training and weekly intuitive healings.


Many of the tools I have learned over the past decade are deceptively simple and remarkably effective. When used on a regular basis, their power amplifies. They have the potential to create tremendous shifts. Anyone can do them. Pretty much anytime. Anywhere.


To make it easy for you to engage your deepest, most powerful and dynamic self, I developed a course called Embody Your Destiny. It includes some of the foundational energetic tools I use on a daily basis, as well as a few wild exercises to keep it interesting. You will cultivate greater self-awareness and self-love. You will learn how to further embody yourself in little ways throughout your day. These small actions build up your metaphysical muscles and create a deeper awareness of your embodied self. Over the course of 8-weeks, you’ll connect with yourself in a profound way, leaving you feeling more loved, alive and fulfilled than you might believe possible right now.



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If you want to jump right in - start with my 10-minute meditation. It’s free and you can start today. Simply sign up [here] and you’ll receive a link to download it immediately.

And, if you are ready for immediate support and you are eager to create a breakthrough in your life right now, I would be honored to work with you to help make that happen. No psychedelic drugs included or dirty caves required.

Namaste. All that is sparkly and light in me honors and recognizes all that is sparkly and light in you. 

Thank you for being here with me. I'm grateful that our paths have crossed. And I am excited to work with you!

With Love, Laughter and Gratitude,


Snapshots of work-in-progress and sparkly inspiration from my art studio. 

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Anita Brey  (pronounced : br - EYE)  is an artist, healer and teacher dedicated to cultivating and empowering awareness. Inspired by her 15+ years of experience as an intuitive healer and meditator, she founded Embody Your Destiny in 2014 to show others how deepen their relationships with spirit. In addition to her deep healing Energy Empowerment sessions, she offers one-on-one mentorships for people who want to experience energy in a real, tangible way. In her free time she sings, paints and dreams of soaking in the luxurious natural hot springs of Northern California.